Thursday, 18 October 2012

Shining Eyes; Redefining Success

Success today means many things to many people. If asked, most people would probably say that having a bank account loaded with benjamins, having a garage loaded with the sexiest cars, or just remaining sane in the moment would be a standard of success. While good goals in and of themselves (who would not want to be sane? or have 10 smart cars parked in their two vehicle garage?) I think there is another way that we can define success: by the amount of shining eyes that we have around us.

Before you start to think that I'm advocating for the presence of glowing eyed supernatural beings, check out this video to get the low down:

                                                 Do your eye's light up a small village?

What I find fascinating in this video, among other things, is the idea that success lies not in our personal gains. Rather that success is our positive influence on those that we have around us. Are you successful? When your with people do you inspire them? Lift them up to be more than they thought they are capable of?

Imagine if for 3 weeks everyone in your family, house, job lived like that. What do you think the atmosphere would be like? I know I'd be giving almost everything to be in an environment where people lived to lift up others on a daily basis. Personal relationships would grow immensely, as we focus more on what we can give to the other rather than what we can get from the other. Everyone wants to be loved and known for who they are, and not used as a means to an end.

How do you think the business world would change, if businesses focused their energy on trying to inspire not only their employees, but also their customer to be the best they can be? It's not enough to try to just get your employee to be productive and satisfied to the benefit of the company. If the company tried to help their employees to become the best versions of themselves as individuals, whether or not the company benefited, you'd would probably find a higher retention rate of employees and a better end result. If customers saw that a company tried to help them, sometimes regardless of the end result, people will stick around and support that company.

Success for ourselves is helping and inspiring others to be the best they can be. Can you start living a successful life today and make some shining eyes?

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