Sunday, 17 April 2011

Blogimus Maximus Reportemus

I'm fried. Just putting it out there. It's been a long hard week at work, but totally worth the effort. On the running front, tried to take it a wee bit easy(er) and not over tax the body too much, as the last two weeks have been brutal. Anyways, this week's update is going to be on the short an sweet side, and I'll hopefully be getting more material on as things settle down with this new job.

Monday: 7k. Had the day off work and was an absolute zombie all day long.

Tuesday: 26k. One shot, I was pretty stupid (we'll call it adventurous) and only packed one Snickers bar. Repeat after me: B-O-N-K!

Wednesday: 10k. I can't remember wednesday. Exhaustion may be it. Or I may have been abducted by aliens. Who knows? Wait, how'd I get this earring? I never got my ears pierced....

Thursday: 10k. I still can't remember this day besides that I worked a 14hr day.

Friday: 9k to work, 11k home. Wheeeeeeee

Saturday: Rode my bike to work. My body was waaaaay to pooched to run.

Sunday: 9k to work, 14k home. Met another runner on the trail who's been running ultras for 3 years. Great conversation on the way to work. Really made my day, along with my Dad and bro showing up at work to check out the new store.

Total: 86k, or approx 53 miles. Need sleep. Will try to post more often, just dont' have the time at the moment, but stay tuned!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

The weekly training report

Monday: 5k run. Nice little jaunt to let the legs recover from the weekend.

Tuesday: 10k to work and 9k home. Pretty much took the hardest 10k route possible to work. Tons of hills and was able to spend about 4.k on trails. Also worked a 12hr day doing manual labour to help get the new store open...

Wednesday: 5k run. Spin the legs and try to recover from the day before. Biked to and from work, plus spent the day again moving boxes around, and putting in some clic-floor for a couple hours.

Thursday: 9k to and from work, 18 on the day. Legs felt sorta kinda decent, but it was another 11hr day moving heavy stuff around and as a runner with NO UPPER BODY muscles I'm just pretty fried in general.

Friday: Off. Just tried to sleep as much as possible, before riding into work and pulling off a 15 hour work day. Holy shit talk about a zombified death march of a day. Everyone was working their asses off to get the store presentable for the soft opening on satuday and we were exhausted.

Saturday: 9k to work, 15k home. Pulled off the day surprisingly well given how exhausted everyone was. had an intimate encounter with the trail on the way home, kicked a rock while bombing down a hill. As much as I like falling for something, this was a little overboard... But nothing feels better than arriving home from a run covered in blood, mud and exhausted but happy.

Sunday: 10k to work, 19k home. Felt super strong on the way to work, started playing what is quickly becoming a favorite game to play while trail running called "Catch the mountain biker" Succeeded in passing 3 riders and not getting passed in turn. Great way to start a day! The run home was (intentionally) retardedly hilly, the last 3k home were quite the slog even though it was down hill.

Weekly Totals: 68 hr work week and 100k (62M) of running. I'm pooched and need some sleep. Thankfully I've got Monday and Tuesday off work, so I can SLEEP, eat, run, rinse, repeat. Night!

Sunday, 3 April 2011

The weekly training report

Monday: 3k easy, 20min bike to and from work. Just a rest day with a short run to spin out the legs and speed up recovery.

Tuesday: 7k Tempo, 20min bike to and from work. Settled into my run nicely, starting to get some good sensations in my legs. Definitely feels like I'm getting me speed back. Who says barefooters can't be fast??

Wednesday: 9k Tempo, 20min bike to and from work. Great follow up day to yesterday's run. Feeling good in the legs and getting able to find my rhythm at a nice fast tempo.

Thursday: 9k Tempo run to work, 9k easy home. Ended up getting out the door late for work, and had to blitz it up to work. Did the 9k to work in around 37min, still felt like I had lots of gas left in the tank when I got to work. Good vibes!

Friday: 7k easy, 20min bike to and from work. Just a nice spin the legs and get ready for the weekend mileage. Last day at my old job. Sad to leave some of the guys, but the flow of life has me going in a different direction.

Saturday: 18k. This run was a complete disaster. Tried out the New Balance Minimus Trails, hoping that they'd work out a a good pair of shoes to race in, but their fit was WAAAAAAY wrong for my feet. Basically the heel cup was too wide, and my heel would slip up and down the shoe, and the mid-foot and fore-foot were too narrow, pinching my metatarsal heads, and not allowing proper function along my transverse arches. Got so angry with them that I ran 5k home completely barefoot. Ended the run with inflammation on the fifth metatarsal head and a nasty blister on my right foot. Damn shoes!

Sunday: 22k. A great make up run after yesterday's debacle. Took a long time for my body to center and relax into the run, but once I hit the trail things started to move a little more nicely. Used a couple mountain bikers as rabbits and hammered 4k chasing them. Great sensations in the body! After one lap of the DV Trail, did a once up of the Pottery Road hill and another half lap of the DV Trail. Knees are feeling a little beat up after bombing down hills, but after a nice easy bike ride feeling alot better.

84k on the week. My recovery is getting pretty fast, things are looking good for the Sulfur springs 50 miler at the end of May. As long as I can stay injury free and healthy....

I start a new job this week, so posts may be a little sluggish coming. Happy Trails!