Monday, 10 December 2012

Adventure time!

Hey guys and dolls, sorry for my tardiness with the postings, but my life has been rather crazy this past month. Through November I got really sick and ended up having to put various things in my life on hold in order to recover. The Doc thinks it was Mono, so I got the blood work done to see if that is the case and am now just waiting for the results.Yippee! Or not. On the other hand I am feeling healthy now and somewhat recovered, so time to get back into it.

A scientific representation of mono
Every fall after my last races and a bit of a break I start compiling a list of the races that I want to do the following year. The list includes everything from the will do to the fantastical dream. After allowing everything to ferment for a random time, I pick two or three races that are going to be my A races and then structure the rest of the season around these events. This year is going to be a huge challenge for me, as I start pushing myself to the next level and move close to achieving long term goals. Here are three goals that I've got on the board for 2013.

1. Complete the Sulphur Springs 100 miler.  After spending the last 2 years competing in events ranging from 56k to 125k it's time to test the waters at the 160km distance. Now most people would say that I should spend more time building up to the 100 miler, but my thought on it is why the hell not?? I'm itching for a challenge, and the thought of running 160km in 30hrs or less gives me the willies. I think I can do it, but nothing is for certain and I want the risk and challenge to push me to my limits.

2. Take part in the Wilderness Traverse Adventure Race. This race, like the other two on my list has me really excited. The WT is a team based adventure race that includes: orienteering, mountain biking, trail running, and paddling. You plot your own course between checkpoints using map and compass and have 30hrs to finish. I'll be doing this with two of my very awesome co-workers, which will add a different dynamic from running ultras solo. Oh, and it'll probably require that I put a little more meat on this lanky frame of mine in order to paddle and mountain bike for hours on end.

30hrs of FUN*!!!!!

3. Compete in the 24hr Race in Ottawa. Now this race is going to be different from the other two from both an physical standpoint and my mental approach. For those unfamiliar with time based ultra's you basically run laps around a set course for the time limit and see how far you can go. Yeah, it's a little like a hamster on a wheel. For 24 freaking hours!! I may be in need of psychiatric treatment. Eventually. Anyways, the reason that I'm doing this is that since getting into ultra distance races it's been a dream of mine to represent Canada in one of these 24hr events. Why? Cause it's my kind of crazy, and a totally unique way to represent your country. So for this race I'm in it to push myself to the edge, over the edge and then farther. I'm in it to see what kinda damage I can do.

With these three big races for the upcoming year, it's going to be an exercise in time management and a wee bit of sleep deprivation along the way. In order to achieve these goals, I'm going to have to spend a lot of time this winter working out on my TRX, and rock climbing in order to build overall strength and muscular endurance, this all on top of running every day. I'm super excited to start this journey, and see what's in store. Wait, where's my spandex??