Monday, 17 September 2012

We have dust off!

Well since it's only been about a million minutes or so since I last posted on here, maybe your due for a brief recap. When I last posted, I had been working at Gears Bike Shop in Toronto. Since then I've left my job at Gears and have moved to Kingston On, to take up a position at Trailhead Kingston. So in April I packed up and moved out of Toronto and to Kingston. One of the main factors for the change was the decision to get back into school, and I got accepted into the Buisness Marketing program at St. Lawrence College in Kingston. So change all around and I'm now a week into classes after a year off. It's kinda weird.

The change has been good. A new job with great co-workers and the opportunity to start organizing some barefoot running clinics. A huge learning experience, and it can only get better with time. Thankfully the guys and gals at work have been super supportive! Being a big gear junkie, it's kinda hard to keep the money in the wallet and not get into all the cool new toys.... But I manage somehow. I'll try to get some reviews up for those interested.

Also I've moved back home. Having been away from home for 7 years it's been an, uh, adventure to say the least. It's been a mixed bag of good times and starting to froth at the mouth. Luckily the good times have outweighed the frothing. (but if I froth more, it saves on shaving cream.... decisions decisions) I'm pretty thankfully that I have the opportunity to live at home, as it allows me to save big time while in school. Plus I've started to spread the running bug to my siblings, which is incredible to see.

Finally running, as with the rest of the past year, its had its highs and lows. A bike accident messed my pelvis up and it's been a constant game of trying to heal and trying to race ultras. Yes, they're pretty damn close to being mutually exclusive. Despite the bum body, I managed to land myself in fourth place at the Kingston 6hr race. Followed by a stretch of time waiting for my body to settle down. (Note to self: racing while injured is not a bright idea). I raced twice more before my body waved the white flag big enough that I couldn't avoid acknowledging it. Who says I'm a fast learner?

All in all it's been a year of awesome flow, and messed up times.

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