Friday, 22 July 2011

Dead in the water

Dead in the water pretty much sums up the past 6 weeks. A combination of mild shin splints and a badly out of joint tail bone have been keeping me out of commission. The shin splints were part not acclimatizing myself to running while carrying 3L of fluids, gels and electrolyte drinks and super aggressive downhill running at the Sulfer Springs 50M. Thankfully it seems to have cleared up enough to go running and SHOULD be fine to do the death race on. No guarentees though. The tailbone was more of a freak thing which ended up being caused by an overly tight piriformis muscle. (The piriformis connects from your femur, around and under the gluteus maximus and into your tailbone.) So drinking more water and some good deep stretching have helped clear that almost completely up. So needless to say I am heading into the race REALLY well rested. Lets call it a super taper.

Does this change my approach to the race? Yup, it sure does. And for the better I think. Earlier I was planning lining up for the race and trying to hit a solid time and see if I could land a good result. Given the small asteriks beside my shape, I'm going to take the "wing it and enjoy it" approach. I'm going to run the race based on how I feel and what I can draw from myself on that day and in those conditions. Gonna kick back, enjoy an adventure and frolick through the mountains.  As you know, it's not an adventure until something fucks up. Well things are already a little wonky, so lets say the adventure has already begun!

Oh yeah, I promise pics and maybe a movie!

P.S. My netbook gave up the ghost over 3 weeks ago now, which has been one of the big reasons for lack of posting. I'll try to get back into the groove.