Sunday, 10 April 2011

The weekly training report

Monday: 5k run. Nice little jaunt to let the legs recover from the weekend.

Tuesday: 10k to work and 9k home. Pretty much took the hardest 10k route possible to work. Tons of hills and was able to spend about 4.k on trails. Also worked a 12hr day doing manual labour to help get the new store open...

Wednesday: 5k run. Spin the legs and try to recover from the day before. Biked to and from work, plus spent the day again moving boxes around, and putting in some clic-floor for a couple hours.

Thursday: 9k to and from work, 18 on the day. Legs felt sorta kinda decent, but it was another 11hr day moving heavy stuff around and as a runner with NO UPPER BODY muscles I'm just pretty fried in general.

Friday: Off. Just tried to sleep as much as possible, before riding into work and pulling off a 15 hour work day. Holy shit talk about a zombified death march of a day. Everyone was working their asses off to get the store presentable for the soft opening on satuday and we were exhausted.

Saturday: 9k to work, 15k home. Pulled off the day surprisingly well given how exhausted everyone was. had an intimate encounter with the trail on the way home, kicked a rock while bombing down a hill. As much as I like falling for something, this was a little overboard... But nothing feels better than arriving home from a run covered in blood, mud and exhausted but happy.

Sunday: 10k to work, 19k home. Felt super strong on the way to work, started playing what is quickly becoming a favorite game to play while trail running called "Catch the mountain biker" Succeeded in passing 3 riders and not getting passed in turn. Great way to start a day! The run home was (intentionally) retardedly hilly, the last 3k home were quite the slog even though it was down hill.

Weekly Totals: 68 hr work week and 100k (62M) of running. I'm pooched and need some sleep. Thankfully I've got Monday and Tuesday off work, so I can SLEEP, eat, run, rinse, repeat. Night!

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