Sunday, 17 April 2011

Blogimus Maximus Reportemus

I'm fried. Just putting it out there. It's been a long hard week at work, but totally worth the effort. On the running front, tried to take it a wee bit easy(er) and not over tax the body too much, as the last two weeks have been brutal. Anyways, this week's update is going to be on the short an sweet side, and I'll hopefully be getting more material on as things settle down with this new job.

Monday: 7k. Had the day off work and was an absolute zombie all day long.

Tuesday: 26k. One shot, I was pretty stupid (we'll call it adventurous) and only packed one Snickers bar. Repeat after me: B-O-N-K!

Wednesday: 10k. I can't remember wednesday. Exhaustion may be it. Or I may have been abducted by aliens. Who knows? Wait, how'd I get this earring? I never got my ears pierced....

Thursday: 10k. I still can't remember this day besides that I worked a 14hr day.

Friday: 9k to work, 11k home. Wheeeeeeee

Saturday: Rode my bike to work. My body was waaaaay to pooched to run.

Sunday: 9k to work, 14k home. Met another runner on the trail who's been running ultras for 3 years. Great conversation on the way to work. Really made my day, along with my Dad and bro showing up at work to check out the new store.

Total: 86k, or approx 53 miles. Need sleep. Will try to post more often, just dont' have the time at the moment, but stay tuned!

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