Saturday, 25 June 2011

You mean I'm not Invincible???

I've got shin splints. This really bites the big one. It's more than likely the combination of lots of running and bombing down the hills at the last race. So for now it's a matter of taking some time off from running, spending more time on the bike and hoping that things come together for the Canadian Death Race at the end of July. If all goes well I should be able to start running again near the end of next week.

You never really appreciate how much you enjoy/rely on something or someone else until you lose the ability to to engage in that activity or spend time with that person. As far as running goes, running provides a great stress reliever for myself (especially flowing down a forest trail with the sunlight dancing through the leaves), but it also provides a meditative head space which allows me to sort through the rambling of my noggin. Right now things are a little stressful at work, and not having the outlet to help cope with the stress keeps me on edge more so than I should be. The flip side of this is that as I cannot run, it allows me the ability to reconnect to a certain degree with friends which get a little lost in the 11hr work days and running.

Given that we are individuals and complete, whole beings; it is impossible to compartmentalize our lives or expect that what happens in one area will not effect the others. From a purely physical perspective, lack of nutrients from one specific micro-nutrient (Vitamin A, C, Iron, Selenium) for an extended period of time can have drastic and long lasting ramifications. E.g Iron deficiency can lead to anemia. All it takes is one small thing to be missing to really mess the big picture up within the health of the body. We are not just physical beings, but beings that exist across several planes: physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. Deficiency in one, or over burdening in another has implications in the rest. Ever been really stressed out about work, school, relationships and found that your body is out of whack? Or that because you haven't been tending to your body that your work, relationships and beliefs become a little frayed?

I've also recently made the decision to drop back into school. I finally broke down and applied to college for Fitness and health promotion at Humber here in Toronto. After talking about college so much in university, I'm finally pulling through on this one. We'll find out in a couple months if things work out in this direction or not.

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